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by Cameron Edmond05 Feb 2014

Australia's increasing salary expectations and high living standards are dividing employers and young workers, a report from SEEK has revealed.

The SEEK Salary Review compared the salary information of all jobs posted on SEEK from 2012 and 2013, finding 63% of Australian industries offered job seekers higher salaries in 2013 than 2012.

The increases were more prevalent in NSW, with 63% of industries offering higher salaries, followed by VIC (60%), WA (58%), QLD (53%) and SA (52%).

Despite these increases, a drop in salaries for candidates in mining and construction has resulted in a national decrease in the average salary from $84,458 to $81,055.

"Construction and engineering jobseekers would have been disappointed to find salary decreases of up to 21% for some roles," Rebecca Supierz, HR manager at SEEK, explained. "However, these roles are coming off a high salary base and when we look nationally, the best paying jobs were still found in the mining resources and engineering sectors."

Salary expectations have also increased, with 46% of the 1000 Australians surveyed indicating that young workers have 'unrealistically high' expectations regarding their standard of living and thereby their salaries. In response, 43% of youngere employees stated the high cost of living in Australia demands these wages.

Key findings

Top five roles for year-on-year salary growth nationwide:

  • Local government members: $57,672 to $69,381 (20%)
  • Biotechnologists: $71,063 to $84,033 (18%)
  • Volunteer coordinators: $53,308 to $61,813 (16%)
  • Federal government workers: $98,890 to $112,386 (14%)
  • Oil and gas geoscientists: $140,499 to $158,671 (13%)

Top five roles for year-on-year salary decline nationwide:

  • Construction planners: $120,467 to $95,052 (21%)
  • Material handlers: $125,130 to $105,503 (16%)
  • Environmental services assistants: $70,538 to $61,718 (13%)
  • Engineering draftspeople: $85,355 to $78,201 (11%)
  • Construction estimators: $110,410 to $98,288 (11%)

What do you think of young worker's salary expectations? Are they unreasonably high, or suitable due to our economic climate?



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