Go as Gaga to work: Dare to wear initiative

by HCA13 Feb 2012

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is no longer just a foot note in the day-to-day life of an organisation, but an integral aspect of HR strategy and a way to communicate a commitment to the community in which a business operates.

Not only is CSR and sustainable development gaining prominence on paper but thanks to a new initiative, right through to corporate attire as well. Not-for-profit organisation Fitted for Work provides free interview-appropriate clothing and mentoring to disadvantaged women re-entering the workforce.

On 30 March the charity will run its Dare to Wear campaign: workplaces can get involved by challenging a colleague to wear something courageous to work to reflect the courage it takes to re-enter the workforce after suffering severe setbacks. On the upcoming flagship day, you can challenge a colleague, a friend or yourself to dress up boldly, and then then sponsor the dare by offering a cash donation.

Fitted-for Work has been operating since 2005, and has provided thousands of women will the skills and clothes to get back to work.

For more information to register your dare, or make a donation visit daretowearday.org


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