Former Channel Seven employee leaks sensitive information

by HCA13 Feb 2017
Former Channel Seven executive assistant Amber Harrison has tweeted private emails between executives regarding the AFP’s raid on the network's offices over alleged deals with Schapelle Corby’s family.

HC contacted a Channel Seven spokesperson about the leak.

“The AFP material relates to a matter that we successfully challenged in court and the AFP subsequently apologised. It is unfortunate that private, internal communications have been misappropriated in this way," the spokesperson said.

Harrison was made redundant after it was revealed she was having an 18-month affair with the married Seven chief executive Tim Worner.

Harrison has reportedly been angry ever since the Seven board exonerated Worner from wrongdoing following an independent investigation into his conduct and credit card spending.

The latest leak reveals details of Channel Seven’s dealings with the Corby family ahead of the release of Corby from Kerobokan prison.

This included one 2014 email from the executive producer of Sunday Night, Mark Llwellyn, to Worner and commercial director Bruce McWilliam.

It said "We got Mercedes' signature late last night. So very close". It’s significant because Mercedes Corby was heavily involved in her sister's media negotiations.

However, the email does not say what the signature was for and was sent two days before Schapelle Corby left jail.

The AFP raided Seven's offices on February 18 with warrants to prevent any proceeds of crime travelling overseas.

Seven then successfully sued the AFP and had the search warrants dismissed. It also received a public apology from the AFP for "unnecessary reputational damage".

HC recently spoke to Lynne Lewis, partner, intellectual property at law firm Minter Ellison.

She talked about the importance of being aware that employees might one day leave companies and leak sensitive information.

At the time of publishing, it is unknown whether Channel Seven will take legal action regarding Harrison’s twitter leaks, or how she accessed the material so long after her employment ceased.  

Therefore, it’s important to have exceptional internal communications in place whenever an employee leaves

“I’ve seen many circumstances where the information doesn’t necessarily get told to the correct people who might notice that something unusual is happening with people’s access to premises or documents during that period of time,” said Lewis.
“Had they known that person had resigned then they might have actually spoken up about seeing some strange things happening.”

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  • by kaz 14/02/2017 12:04:54 PM

    We all know Schapelle was never paid anything and the media made up ridiculous figures re payment which was a complete and utter lie. The propaganda worked for the government AFP and media though, Schapelle and Mercedes were illegally gagged! one day the sheeple will wake up to what they did to Schapelle and her family The TRUTH is published here 1000's of FOI documents from within the John Howard administration.

    “Overall, the exercise constituted the largest and most wide-scale exercise of FOI based information gathering ever to have been undertaken within the Commonwealth of Australia”


    Most of the material presented on this website was sourced through formal requests made under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) of 1982. The use of this legislation yields copies of ‘official’ data: correspondence, transcripts, emails, records, documents, and a vast array of other information types. For any given subject, when requests are submitted across all relevant departments and agencies, the returns provide an unambiguous and clear picture of events and decision making.

    In the case of Schapelle Corby, requests were submitted over a lengthy period, of five or six years. They were submitted on behalf of Schapelle Corby herself, so that her own personal data could be returned. Others were later submitted from relevant third parties, and through different individual citizens, in order to avoid target awareness of the huge investigative exercise which was underway.

    After initial submissions and returns, follow-ups and appeals were undertaken, to seek and obtain further information. For every government department and agency at all relevant to the Schapelle Corby case, one or more such requests were pursued to their ultimate outcome. Supplementary requests were also submitted, again by different individuals, to obtain data pertaining to indirectly related aspects which might yield complementary background data.

    The comprehensive and carefully executed project plan embraced the heart of the establishment, and included the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Attorney-General’s Department, the ACMA, the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, the AFP, the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, the Department of Transport and Regional Services, the ACLEI, the Prime Minister’s & Cabinet Office, the OAIC, the Australian Crime Commission, the ABC, and a multitude of other institutions and agencies.

  • by concerned 14/02/2017 3:49:49 PM

    I am only aware of what I read however it appears that what I have read indicates that the woman was penalised and the exec got off without financial damage, and for some reason a deal done was not honoured. The lady may be wise in hindsight however she should be compensated financially for something more than likely commenced by the man, and they usually have a history. I would assume that if this lady was made whole financially and compensated for losing her job, then having a deal reneged on, she would probably go away but it is very disappointing to see anyone treated this way by the big boys and she is thrown to the kerb. lets face it she will have a hard time getting work. No one can convince me it was not a 'boys decision' that the Seven board exonerated Worner from wrongdoing following an independent investigation into his conduct and credit card spending. I don't know officially but would hazard a guess its a male board. Any affair with a person in his position is wrongdoing, and unless his wife is a Hilary Clinton type she would not exonerate him from wrongdoing. I am mindful of his wife's feelings in this but exonerated makes me choke. Do the right thing by this person and close the door.

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