Far out Friday: Is this the most inappropriate job ad ever?

by Nicola Middlemiss13 Mar 2015
Employers often adopt novel tactics in an attempt to attract the best applicants – but one UK recruitment agency is facing public backlash after their “creativity” was deemed more than a little crass.

ICS Recruitment placed the controversial job advert (below) across several media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. 

The accompanying text reads: “Secretary required in Mayfair. Stockings optional! £35k. Ready to assume the position? Contact ICS Recruitment now.”

The image, ripped from an early-noughties cult film of the same name, did not go down well and many people took to Twitter to voice their disdain.

However, rather than accept they’d slipped up and made a serious error in judgement, ICS Recruitment decided to push ahead and defend their decision.

Eventually the unapologetic agency removed all trace of the original add.  

What do you think? Was the ad way over the line or just a witty way to entice new recruits? 


  • by Bernie Althofer 13/03/2015 11:40:12 AM

    What if a male was interested in applying for the role of secretary? Would this an appropriate ad?

    Seems like a rather dumb ad to me and one that has left the organisation wide open to allegations and perceptions about how employees are viewed and treated.

    The subliminal messages behind this type of ad shows how out of touch some people are.

  • by Ella 13/03/2015 2:11:11 PM

    A completely terrible way to celebrate International Women’s Day, shame on them. Instead of assisting to break away from the subtle sexism which happens in the workplace every day, they are actually highlighting it even more. Very disappointed and I hope they will be named and shamed even further. From a recruitment perspective from now on, I will always associate their brand with such negative connotations.

  • by Amanda Rochford 18/03/2015 10:51:41 AM

    Yep VERY poor publicity for ICS Recruitment.

    AND they let their client down.

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