Craig Thomson fined $500K for Fair Work Act breach

by Chloe Taylor15 Dec 2015
Former federal MP Craig Thomson has been ordered to pay almost $500,000 for breaching the Fair Work Act.

The judgement was handed down in the Federal Court this morning.

Charges related to Thomson’s improper use of the Health Services Union (HSU)’s funds between 2003 and 2009.

Justice Christopher Jessup ruled that Thomson had used the funds for personal advantage, to the detriment of the union.

Thomson was ordered to pay $231,234 in compensation to the HSU, plus $146,937 in interest.

He was also ordered to pay $80,000 to the Fair Work Commission.

Bernadette O’Neill, Fair Work Commission general manager, said that today’s decision was “welcomed”.

“I am particularly pleased that this decision recognises the impact of Mr Thomson’s actions on the union’s membership by the awarding of compensation to the HSU,” she said.

“Today’s decision sends a clear message to all officers of registered organisations that a failure to meet their obligations under the Fair Work Act is a serious issue and will be treated accordingly.”


  • by David 15/12/2015 2:30:48 PM

    Can someone in the HSU loan him a credit card?

  • by Deb 15/12/2015 4:39:01 PM

    How does expense fraud come under the Fair Work Act? Shouldn't it be a criminal charge?

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