'Beautiful' viral video shines light on employee branding

by Emily Douglas24 Apr 2018

It’s important that employees feel connected to the brand they’re working for – only then will they shine as ambassadors in the public’s eye.

A recent clip went viral via Facebook, showing a fast food employee taking time out of his shift to help a disabled customer eat.

The video, though to have been filmed in Brazil, shows the worker spoon-feeding the man, who has an arm disability.

The woman who posted the video, Laurinha Victoria, wrote on Facebook how the ‘beautiful’ sight brought tears to her eyes. She explained how the disabled customer asked her for help, but the quick-thinking employee rushed to help in lieu.

The video has since been shared over 400,000 times, with people saying it proves there are ‘still good people in the world’.

Employees have the propensity to make or break a company’s image. A recent report from CMI found that 89% of marketers believe brand awareness is the most important company goal, with a further survey adding that 77% of leaders think brand is key to growth.

With that in mind, HR leaders can look to their most important asset – their employees – to promote and enhance their image. Recently, McDonald’s proved their commitment to their staff with this stand-out statement to angry customers.


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