Are your leaders ready for the new year?

by Cameron Edmond03 Oct 2013

The business landscape of the future is uncertain and complex, according to DDI World. As such, HR must prepare for the coming storm by ensuring a foundation of strong leaders and building a supply of future leaders ready to take charge.

Regardless of experience in the industry, predicting the future is not easy – understanding exactly what skills and personalities will be needed in the future can leave many professionals scratching their heads.

In an attempt to prepare HR, DDI and partners The Conference Board and The Next Step will put together the 2014 Global Leadership Forecast, which will involve a survey sample of 13,000 international leaders and 1,200 HR professionals.

The survey is not being put together in a conventional way – questions and topics have been crowd-sourced in order to reflect what leaders and HR truly want addressed, with the insights shared across a plethora of social media platforms and live events.

HR professionals can become further involved by taking part and completing the survey, which will give them access to a free benchmark report, placing them against global and industry norms.

DDI stated the data will be compared and contrasted against the last 15 years of information and key findings between different industries, genders, generations, geographies and leadership levels. How to prepare leaders for global transitions and other key leadership skills will be explored.

To find out more and participate in the survey, click here.


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