Are your employees time-poor and overwhelmed?

by John Hilton12 Oct 2016
Employees are becoming increasingly busy and it’s easy for them to feel that they’re always short of time, said Dr Jenny Brockis, medical practitioner and author of the book Future Brain: The 12 Keys To Create Your High Performance Brain.

“It feels like we have got too much to do and not enough time to complete it which leads to elevation in our stress levels,” Dr Brockis told HC.

And when people feel more stressed they are actually compromising their ability to think clearly, make good decisions and solve problems, she added.

Consequently, it’s important to realise that the time available to us hasn’t shifted, even though it feels like the clock is ticking faster.

Then it’s necessary to look at ways to reduce the anxiety associated with the perception that we don’t have enough time.

“Our technology has contributed big time in that it has speeded up how quickly we think and has also been shown to add to our perception that time is passing quickly,” Dr Brockis said.

“A lot of us spend a lot of time shackled to our desks and looking at a computer all day long, and one study has found that for every hour we spend in front of the computer, our perception is that we have actually spent longer doing that task than we have.

“For example, the amount of time that actually passes might be 50 minutes, but we feel like we spend at least an hour doing our work. That adds to our stress levels because it feels like time is going too quickly.”

So what can employees do?

They can start by unplugging from technology more often than only periods when they go on holidays.

“On a regular basis choose to switch off the phone or turn off a computer, even if it’s just for 15-20 minutes at some point or a couple of points during our day. This helps us to reengage with what the time actually is,” said Dr Brockis.

“This also helps to slow down frantic thinking and enables us to feel like we actually do have time to get on with work.

“It quietens us down so we can be more logical in how we can apply our focus to what needs to be done.”

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