30 calls a day on bullying

by 30 Mar 2010

WorkSafe Victoria has said it receives 30 calls per day about workplace bullying.

To help combat workplace bullying the regulator has kicked off a series of seminars which attracted 150 people last Friday.

WorkSafe said that 10 per cent of workplace bullying enquiries lead to visits by its inspectors.

Issues covered at the seminar included cyber bullying, how to substantiate bullying claims, and how to respond to bullying when it is a part of workplace culture.

“Publicity around WorkSafe’s prosecution of Café Vamp in February has opened people’s eyes to how destructive and damaging workplace bullying can be – for individuals and organisations,” said WorkSafe’s acting executive director for health and safety Stan Krpan.

“The issue of bullying isn’t something that you can just ignore - the longer you leave it, the worse it’s going to get. Businesses need to act on bullying behaviour before it becomes repeated – anything else signals that these behaviours are acceptable.”

“Look closely at your workplace for any bullying risks, put a bullying policy in place which responds to these risks, discuss it with staff, and act on it,” he said


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