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Top executives blunder on resume failures

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HC Online | 12 Apr 2011, 12:00 AM Agree 0
Many experienced Australian company executives commit basic blunders when submitting their resumes for a job application, according to a senior recruitment expert
  • bronte jackson | 12 Apr 2011, 03:26 PM Agree 0
    Time Recruiters realised what their jobs are and what they are not. This article is repeating a very common theme.

    Maybe recruiters should accept the market that they are dealing with (those who are used to managing at a complex level, not used to writing CV's) and look at the more necessary skills of Senior Executives - leadership, integrity, strategic thinking, analytical ability, vision, interpersonal skills. Using spell check or not won't bring a company forward or hold it back and in the days of text, tweet etc. grammar has less relevance.

    Maybe that is why Australia is not getting the standard of Senior Management they want, recruiters are looking for people who can write CV's instead. Maybe recruiters should stop judging a book by its cover and look into instead. Isn't that their job?

    I understand and agree that a CV is an important marketing tool but don't mistake the map for the territory. It is the actual person and their experience which is important, not the piece of paper it is written on it.

    Lastly every recruiter has a different opinion. I have read MANY articles which say a CV should NEVER be longer than two pages.

    I suggest recruiters stop pointing the finger and get on with the service they say they are providing their clients, that of finding candidates. If that means they have to read and sift through less than perfect CV's then I would say that's part of a core activity if you have the word "Recruiter" on your door.
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