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Should all employees be encouraged to chase leadership?

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HC Online | 08 Oct 2015, 08:15 AM Agree 0
A British academic has sparked debate after she called on employers to stop developing subordinates into leaders.
  • KOD | 08 Oct 2015, 01:25 PM Agree 0
    My God another academic. Wonder what business success she has enjoyed and could share with us.
    I think the few words she was looking to express were simply "empowerment", "value" and "respect".
    I wish her luck in attempting to sell the "follower" approach
    • Amanda | 08 Oct 2015, 02:46 PM Agree 0
      There is actually some interesting writing on the subject of followership, though I agree the terminology is not the best! The below is from an HBR article - 'The Art of Followership'

      'Skilful followership, then, inevitably involves acceptance of
      some degree of ambiguity and uncertainty. This runs against
      popular wisdom, which holds that followers look to leaders to
      provide security. Followers who expect their leaders to have all
      the answers are naive, and such expectations do their leaders
      no favours. The point is to help leaders to learn. Followers
      should encourage a process of mutual exploration as both
      parties cope with changing contexts and demands'.

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