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Employers: Obesity not a disability

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HC Online | 27 Aug 2014, 11:46 AM Agree 0
An international poll found that employers overwhelmingly disagreed with obesity being protected by disability law.
  • Renie | 27 Aug 2014, 12:34 PM Agree 0
    Obesity is a huge problem in Australia; expected to be at 80% of the population by 2025.
    Even though it is the single biggest threat to public health, can it be classified as a disability when it is so widespread?

    Has it become the "norm"?
  • caca | 27 Aug 2014, 01:41 PM Agree 0
    I'm torn on this one because there are people who gain weight due to medical issues, however most of the time I don't think they would be obese to the point that they can't keep a job that doesn't require a high level of fitness (ie office jobs).
    I can imagine if the job is physical then they would be posing a threat to themselves and possibly to those around them if they can't perform their function which may end in termination.
    This is a tough one.
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