Engage and conquer: Graduate recruitment

by Chloe Taylor25 Mar 2015
Interviews and assessments are notoriously nerve-inducing processes, particularly in the ultra-competitive graduate market. Is there a way to engage grads and also reduce the intimidation factor? Gamification might be the key, as Chloe Taylor reports.
We all remember the thrill of playing games as children. Games encouraged us to use our minds and imaginations, from climbing trees to pretending to be ‘grown-ups’. While Millennials will have grown up playing games on consoles and computers, children of every generation have shared the traditional gameplay of toys and puzzles. And now, gamification – which takes elements of those games we played as kids – has worked its way into the workplace.
Not surprisingly, given the Millennial predilection for electronic gameplay, graduate recruitment is ripe for smart use of gamification.
Revelian’s new applicant assessment tool is Australia’s first gamified recruitment assessment that combines gamification with analytics, data, predictive psychometric models and cloud technologies.
The game, ‘Theme Park Hero’, is designed to measure candidate ability and enhance brand reputation while streamlining the recruitment process and increasing efficiency for businesses.
“Theme Park Hero is revolutionizing psychometric testing,” says Salih Mujcic, project manager at Revelian. “It’s a gamebased assessment. Every aspect of it includesgame thinking and game design to help engage test-takers in a deep and immersive activity.”
The game’s features accurately measure candidate ability including agility, cognitive speed, attention span, spatial aptitude and numerical reasoning.
Gamification explained
“Gamification is a process of embedding game mechanics into non-gaming experiences to engage users,” says Mujcic. “It's been highly successful in a myriad of different industries and environments. From performance management, achievement and recognition programs to simple mundane tasks such as filling out forms. Businesses also use it to retain users and engage them at a deeper level. Think about checking into your favourite restaurant many times and then unlocking a special deal or discount. Using gamification can have real world benefits and impacts on the bottom line.”

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