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  • Litigating the glass ceiling by Contributor

    Class actions alleging gender discrimination are ubiquitous in the US. Helen Donovan and Kirsty Faichen look at whether Australia is set to go down the same path

  • The role of mediation in employment law by HCA

    Where does mediation sit in Australia’s complex workplace law framework?

  • Time to call in the mediator by HRD

    Mediation as a form of resolving workplace disputes has escalated in popularity in recent times – but can it help resolve that most damaging of environments: the toxic workplace?

  • Do your workers pass the “duck test”? by Human Capital

    If you don’t want to ruffle any feathers, it’s important to make sure that the distinction is made between employees and contractors – or you could end up footing a legal bill.

  • ​Restraints of Trade by External

    Nichola Constant and Erin Lynch outline the role of restraints of trade in protecting business interests

  • Dismissing executives: It ain’t easy to ever say goodbye by External

    Dismissing any employee is a challenge, but dismissing an executive brings its own legal minefield, as George Spiliotis and Aneeka Munshey explain.

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