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  • No cigar for anti-bullying doomsayers by Cameron Edmond

    The FWC has released the first statistics on the new anti-bullying laws’ effects, and it looks like those predicting a storm were wrong – or at least premature.

  • ​Knocking out Bullying Once and for All by Cameron Edmond

    Workplace bullying is an old enemy of any seasoned HR professional. New research has revealed the true nature of the problem. Cameron Edmond outlines what can be done about it

  • Dismissal after sexual comment ruled unfair by Cameron Edmond

    A Brisbane man’s dismissal following a sexually-charged email has been ruled unfair by the FWC. Why?

  • Why you need a social media policy by Cameron Edmond

    Without a social media policy, you might not have a leg to stand on, expert says.

  • New Year, new laws by HCA

    As 2014 began new legislation also came into effect. But what changes came into place and what else is expected to unfold in employment law and workplace relations during the year?

  • Last call for anti-bullying compliance by Cameron Edmond

    New anti-bullying laws are less than three weeks away, and one expert fears employees will rort the system. How can you stay on top?

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