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  • Psychometric testing: how to choose the right test by Sarah Megginson

    Behavioural assessment is often used in the recruitment process of senior staff, but some commonly-used testing tools could be ineffective at predicting future performance. HC investigates.

  • Psychometric testing: Time for a reality check by Cameron Edmond

    Employers that favour psychometric testing over other recruitment methods may be missing out on some of their top talent, one expert says.

  • Ageing population calls for new flexible work approach by Cameron Edmond

    As a shift in demographics continues, employers must re-evaluate their approach to flexible working conditions.

  • HR at Atlassian by Iain Hopkins

    Award-winning enterprise software company Atlassian has won countless plaudits for its innovative HR practices. From recruitment to performance management, the company is shaking up the tired and staid. Iain Hopkinstalks to VP of talent Joris Luijke

  • ‘Hidden goldmine’ of skills lies within orgs: Expert by HCA

    Business owners have been encouraged to undertake a ‘skills audit’ to retain staff and unleash their workforce’s talent.

  • ROI of psychometric testing by HCA,Human Capital

    Psychometric testing is a well-established tool in HR’s armoury but what exactly is its return on investment? On this week's HCTV we speak to Jeremy Nichols of Chandler Macleod who maintains that post-GFC companies are becoming more discerning when taking on new talent, and that psychometric testing is an increasingly large part of that.

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