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  • Australian HR Awards reaches new record by HCA

    Securing one of the coveted trophies this year just got a bit more challenging

  • Q&A: All about culture by Contributor

    A culture of recognition is not as challenging to create as you might imagine. Alan Heyward, executive manager of Accumulate, provides his tips

  • How HR can create a vibrant, sustainable culture by John Hilton

    We talk to Alan Heyward about how companies can drive positive behavioural change

  • Culture change through recognition by

    Taking stock following a significant merger, WA-based energy provider Synergy opted to revamp many of its internal systems and processes, including its approach to reward & recognition. The leadership team selected Accumulate as its reward & recognition partner and eventually launched the “high value, high frequency” program branded as ‘Amps’. To gain an insight into how Amps has helped the company navigate significant change, HCTV interviewed Angie Young, Synergy’s general manager of people & culture, live at the Australian HR Awards – where Synergy was a finalist in the Best Reward & Recognition category.

  • Are you rewarding the right behaviours? by External

    Hitting a sales target is one thing; killing people to hit that target is quite another. HRD looks at how rewarding the right kinds of behaviour can build a culture of collective achievement

  • Case Study: Australia Post by HCA

    HRD looks at Australia Post’s innovative approach to driving new business revenue, employee engagement and retention.

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