TWU calls for new Qantas CEO amid operational issues

The union also shot down the voucher 'gimmick'

TWU calls for new Qantas CEO amid operational issues

Slamming the voucher "gimmick" from Qantas Airways, the Transport Workers' Union of Australia (TWU) has called for the appointment of a new CEO to replace current-sitting Alan Joyce. Qantas Airways recently announced that it is granting its frequent flyers with vouchers, loyalty status extensions, and lounge passes as an apology for the operational problems faced by the carrier.

Joyce, in a message to customers, expressed his apology via video message that was also uploaded on YouTube.

"On behalf of the national carrier, I want to apologise and assure you that we are working hard to get back to our best," he said on the video.

However, the TWU is not buying the move of the airline and slammed Joyce's management for "eroding working conditions, attacking hardworking families, and illegally sacking 2000 ground crew."

"Enough of the gimmicks," said TWU national secretary Michael Kaine in a statement. "If Qantas management or indeed Joyce really cared about customers, the right thing to do would be to appoint a new CEO with the business acumen to bring back highly trained, experienced workers and treat them with respect."

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Kaine added that Qantas customers who've suffered from "cancelled flights, delays, and lost luggage won't want to waste more of their time attempting to cash in a voucher to buy themselves more of the same chaos."

Joyce has seen his reputation as Qantas CEO plummet because of the operational issues faced by the airline. Last month, his home was even vandalised with toilet paper and eggs amid growing criticism against him.

According to the CEO in the video, they have hired 1,500 more people since April in a bid to resolve the operational problems faced by the airline. In addition, they have also adjusted schedules to have more crew in reserve to deal with a "50% jump in sick leave."

"Our teams continue to do an amazing job. With their efforts and the changes we're making, things have already improved," he assured.

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