There has never been a more challenging time for talent acquisition

The value of an organization will be determined by how it reacts to their people's needs

There has never been a more challenging time for talent acquisition

“There has never been a more challenging time in the post-industrial age for talent acquisition,” according to Stephen Moore, managing director for Asia Pacific and Japan at human capital management software company, Ceridian. Moore spoke with HRD about the importance of being an attractive employer and how technology can help you achieve that status.

“I would say that the value of an organization to its employees and the value of an organization to its shareholders will be largely determined by how it reacts to the shift in workforce dynamics in the future.”  

Good organisations, in any market, are the ones that see trends and can predict market movements to predict consumer movements and influence those movements by being ahead of the curve.

“So too in human capital management,” Moore told HRD, “we need to predict the trends there – diversity, millennial needs and wants – those are the sorts of things that can be anticipated with the right sort of artificial intelligence and machine learning built into algorithms with software.”

Artificial learning, machine learning and having predictive analytics at the core of your solution is critical.

“Being attractive by being a provider of contemporary solutions is critical to attracting and retaining talent.”

Moore gives the example of a barista that works for several employers and using the Ceridian Dayforce wallet, they can have their wages consolidated and paid daily with all the appropriate disbursements such as tax and superannuation.

“So that employee is going to say to potential employers, do you have the Ceridian Dayforce Wallet because if you don’t, I’m going to go and work for someone that does. So, the availability of real time tech becomes a really major determinant for that highly mobile, highly sought-after employee base. That’s the future that we’re designing our innovative software to meet.”

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