Biased interviews are repelling top talent – here's how AI can help

Learn how AI-automated interview tools can deliver more accurate hiring results

Biased interviews are repelling top talent – here's how AI can help

In today’s tight global labour markets, us HR professionals are always looking for better ways to recruit the best talent. Research shows that well-developed and executive job interviews are one of the biggest predictors of a successful hire. This is easier said than done, however, particularly when many hiring professionals are not only struggling to ask candidates the right questions during interviews but also in finding ways to reduce bias in the entire screening process. Research has shown that interviewer-bias (both conscious and unconscious) can negatively influence hiring decisions – particularly first impressions.

This is where the benefits of AI-automation (and SaaS products) can offer solutions. AI-powered automated hiring tools can help HR professionals to attract and entice the right candidates - starting by reducing bias. Good AI hiring tools will combine interviewing, assessment and predictive analytics which will deliver a data-driven hiring experience.

The upcoming Modern Hire-hosted webinar entitled ‘The New Era of Interviewing: Reducing Bias from Start to Finish” will examine the ways in which AI-powered automated interview tools can boost hiring results.

HRD sat down with Eric Sydell, executive vice president of innovation at Modern Hire to discuss this new era in interviewing. Sydell explained how HR professionals can leverage these exciting new AI-powered technologies to successfully hire the right candidates in this post-pandemic world. Sydell considered both the challenges facing HR leaders now, potential solutions and lessons learned from 2021.

By way of background, Eric Sydell manages all the research and product innovation initiatives at Modern Hire including their data science-focused Labs team. He is a firm believer that companies who choose to apply machine-learning to their hiring practices will have more success in effectively matching candidates with career opportunities.

We asked Sydell what he thought were some of the main challenges facing HR leaders in 2022 in relation to hiring practices. He explained that the shortage of good candidates has been one of the biggest issues facing employers around the world at present.

“Hiring has never been more difficult than it is right now, due to the pandemic and its downstream effects,” Sydell told HRD. “We at Modern Hire have heard from client after client that they simply aren’t getting the candidate volume they need to sustain their hiring needs.”

He also believes that this tight employment market is likely to last beyond the pandemic and he told us that many employers are struggling to not only, find, but also to retain workers over the longer-term.

Sydell explains that “the fallout from the pandemic, combined with a decline in population growth, limits on immigration and the aging of the baby boomers, are all contributing to a historically tight labour supply.”

He said this trend is also reflected in the United States. Recent data from the US Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) projected that a large number of lucrative open employment positions will remain unfilled until 2030, which is the year that the youngest cohort of baby boomers will choose to retire.

Preparing HR leaders for these challenges

HRD asked Sydell how HR leaders can become better prepared for these, not insignificant, hiring challenges. He offered a range of simple and effective solutions such as:

  • Shortening hiring time using smart tools which reduce workloads and add efficiencies
  • Widening recruiting efforts by hiring those reliable and more likely to stay
  • Delivering an excellent candidate experience
  • Hiring people fairly, ensuring that your hiring process treats people of all classes equally and allows you to create and maintain a diverse organization
  • Rethinking what the job has to offer.

Learn how to leverage automation and evaluation tools

When asked to consider some of the standout lessons from 2021 in relation to hiring, Sydell provides the following advice:

  • “Take a holistic view of hiring. The days of prioritizing certain hiring challenges over others are done. You must figure out how to prioritize ALL of your hiring challenges. The good news is that this is easier than you think.
  • Your best strategy, even during times of tremendous pressure to hire quickly, is to leverage the automation and evaluation tools that get hiring right—at a time when doing so has never been more important.”

If you want to learn more about how you can leverage AI to get the best-fit candidates, make sure you attend this free webinar hosted by Modern Hire which will be held virtually across Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney on 22 June 2022. Here you will learn:

  • How the pandemic led to significant shifts in the hiring process – especially with interviews
  • The most formidable challenges in interviewing
  • The ways that new HR technology – like AI-powered automated interview tools can boost hiring results by identifying best-fit candidates in a fast, consistent, fair and engaging process.

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