Fun Friday: CEO surprises loyal employees with BMW cars

Loyalty reaps rewards — this time it's a swanky vehicle

Fun Friday: CEO surprises loyal employees with BMW cars

The path to loyalty can be a long, tough road, but this chief executive officer (CEO) in India just made it all the more rewarding by gifting his executives brand new cars.

Suresh Sambandam, KissFlow Inc. CEO, rewarded five loyal employees of his company with their own BMW 530d cars in the company's 10th year.

"In these 10 years of KissFlow, there are a few people who have significantly contributed to the success of KissFlow and I wanted to recognise them in a very, very special way," said Sambandam in a public event he held for the turnover of the cars.

The recipients included chief product officer Dinesh Varadharajan, director of product management Kausikram Krishnasayee, director Vivek Madurai, director Adhi Ramanathan, and vice-president Prasanna Rajendran.

"These are the five people who stick together, and made sure that KissFlow becomes a success," said Sambandam during the livestreamed event.

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A report from Press Trust India revealed that the turnover was a complete surprise for the employees, who were only informed just hours before the event.

In addition to his employees, Sambandam also expressed his gratitude to the families of the workers, who remained supportive despite difficulties faced by the company. 

"I also want to thank the entire family, the wives and the kids, who supported them through this journey," the CEO expressed.

He bared that the Chennai-based software company was at a time close to shutting down after its investors pulled out on them. However, they turned this around and managed to buy the investment back.

"We've become a fully owned private company and no external investors," said Sambandam.

"So all of these makes a fantastic milestone for year 10," he added. "KissFlow is taking a completely different direction."

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