CFMEU, official fined for violating right of entry laws

Penalties imposed by Federal Court to deter future violations

CFMEU, official fined for violating right of entry laws

The Construction, Forestry, and Maritime Employees Union (CFMEU) and one of its officials have been penalised for unlawful conduct at a construction site in Adelaide.

The Federal Court imposed a penalty of $40,000 on CFMEU and $4,500 on official Travis Brook, according to the Fair Work Ombudsman.

The case began after Brook didn't comply with an occupational health and safety requirement of the head contractor while at the Norwood Mixed Development Project construction site in Adelaide in December 2021.

According to the FWO, all visitors on site must be escorted while they are on the premises, which Brook failed to follow.

The Australian Building and Construction Commissioner commenced legal action on the case, but responsibility was transferred to the FWO under federal legislation.

Brook, and through him the CFMEU, later admitted violating the right of entry laws in the Fair Work Act.

Justice John Snaden said the penalties imposed against CFMUE and Brook should prevent other permit holders in the union from making similar mistakes in the future.

In a statement, Fair Work Ombudsman Anna Booth underscored that court penalties are important to affirm the severity of breaching right of entry laws.

"Improving compliance across the building and construction industry is a priority for the Fair Work Ombudsman, and we will investigate reports of non-compliance and hold to account those who are acting outside the law," Booth said in a statement.

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