7 in 10 Australians 'proud' of their organisation

But pay, benefits still driving employees to look for new jobs: survey

7 in 10 Australians 'proud' of their organisation

Nearly seven in 10 employees across Australia are proud to work for their organisation, as a new Ipsos survey revealed they're enjoying a positive workplace culture.

The survey among 1,000 Australians revealed that 69% feel proud to work for their organisation, and 67% would recommend their employer as a great place to work.

This comes as 72% of Australians said they have a positive workplace culture, with 34% describing their employers as "friendly." Other said their employers are:

  • Customer or client focused (29%)
  • Respectful (27%)
  • Supportive (26%)
  • Caring (21%)
  • Always looking to improve (21%)

Another 22% also said their employers are offering healthy work-life balance, according to the report.

Departure plans persist

Despite these findings, 35% of the respondents said they still plan to leave their organisation within two years, with the most-cited reasons being pay and benefits. Other factors include:

  • Not feeling valued, appreciated, or recognised (30%)
  • Workload or work-life balance challenges (29%)
  • Feeling ready for a change (27%)
  • Manager behaviours (26%)
  • Not feeling motivated in their jobs (23%)

"As the cost-of-living crisis continues, workplaces will need to review their pay/benefits packages to remain competitive, as Australians seek out roles with higher salaries to offset their rising mortgage and other financial costs," said Wendy McInnes, Ipsos Australia Employee Experience Director, in a media release.

Qualities of a new employer

Meanwhile, the report also found that pay and benefits are also the top factors (63%) that could lure job candidates to an organisation. The respondents also cited the following:

  • Flexible working opportunities (44%)
  • Location of primary workspace (33%)
  • Potential career development opportunities (30%)
  • Potential for job security (26%)
  • The company culture (24%)

According to McInnes, employees of 2024 are committed to achieving work-life balance and would look for an employer who will support this.

"Organisations that continue to drive positive workplace culture from the top down will be most successful in 2024 in both attracting new staff and retaining talent," McInnes added.

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