NSW government reminds employers: 'Keep young workers safe!'

'They need extra support'

NSW government reminds employers: 'Keep young workers safe!'

The New South Wales government has recently reminded employers to ensure that young workers get “extra support” to carry out their tasks “correctly and safely.”

Through NSW SafeWork, the state has provided employers with a range of resources that have been specifically developed to support young workers’ safety.

“Remember, young workers may be new to the workforce or could have limited experience,”

“They may not understand the risks of what they are doing, or know how to protect themselves from injury, both physical and psychological,” SafeWork said in a media release.

The NSW government has released a free online toolkit with tailored information to support their safety, called the “Young Worker eToolkit.” It contains tips and training materials about work safety rights and responsibilities.

“There are more than half a million young people aged up to 25 who have entered the NSW workforce. Around 15,000 are injured every year, accounting for 14 per cent of all workplace injuries costing $60 million in workers compensation,” Minister for Fair Trading Eleni Petinos said.

“We must protect our working youth and ensure they have the support, supervision, and guidance for a safe work environment. The free eToolkit has resources available for young workers, employers, parents, guardians, and educators,” she said.

“Now more than ever we need to be supporting working youth as they enter the workforce and move jobs due to the pandemic,” Petinos added.

Meanwhile, Minister for Regional Youth Ben Franklin said that the state government’s toolkit “will help make the transition from school to work easier,” especially for those living in smaller communities.

“While it’s important young people are given every opportunity to improve their skills when they enter the workforce, it’s important they keep their health and safety front of mind,” Franklin said.

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