Is this the secret to 'authentic' diversity?

HR leaders would be hard pressed to find a term that matters more

Is this the secret to 'authentic' diversity?

Diversity, diversity, diversity. HR leaders would be hard pressed to find a term that matters more in the modern world of work. But what does the word actually mean?

We spoke to Rachel Williams, global head of diversity and inclusion at StubHub, who revealed the key to authentic inclusion.

“For me, I believe companies need to elevate the emotional intelligence of their leadership team through integrated and immersive workshops - prior to seeking diversity though recruiting programs and initiatives,” she told HRD.

“If an underrepresented candidate feels as if they’re not going to be accepted in an environment because they experienced bias during the recruitment process, they simply won’t join. And if you do manage to eek them through a process that’s full of bias, then they’ll eventually leave when they inevitably come up against that bias within the company.

Rachel advocates working on the employees you have, elevating the empathy of the employees already there – so that the welcoming environment is already established.

If there’s one issue that HR can’t fake, it’s diversity. Some organizations may feel that they can fumble their way through an inclusivity program – but the truth will out.

“Every company pays some lip-service – or shall we call it aspirational speak – when it comes diversity and inclusion,” added Rachel.

“However, that doesn’t mean a company shouldn’t have visions and goals beyond where they are currently. I wouldn’t fault any companies for doing that. What I would say, is that there needs to be a level of integrity and honesty within a company. You have to be able to say here’s where we’d like to be, we may not be there right now - but once we do get there, please come and join us.”

Rachel told HRD that if a company shows they’re integral and transparent in their actions, there’s huge drawing potential.

Essentially, when potential employees see that an organization is acting ethically, they’ll want to be a part of that.

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