This 'fantasy' benefit may be the real cure for a hangover

New poll finds that employees are thirsty for this kind of leave

This 'fantasy' benefit may be the real cure for a hangover

For sure, employers have encountered a situation where an employee had to take a sick leave after a heavy night of drinking - and studies have shown that such disruptions could cost organisations quite a lot.

But what if employees get to file a leave in advance as preparation for the aftermath of an evening with heavy alcohol?

A new survey conducted by YouGov for Trusaic, a supplier of equal pay software, found that many employees are thirsty for a "Paid Celebration Recovery Leave" otherwise known as a "Hangover Leave."

"Some employers already offer 'Pawternity leave' (to bond with a new pet) and pet bereavement leave," said Matt Gotchy, Trusaic's Executive VP of Marketing, in a statement.

"'Paid celebration recovery leave' alias 'Hangover leave' tops our wish-list of new fantasy job perks, with 23% of poll respondents backing the idea."

The leave may address the costly disruptions faced by organisations whenever their employees ring the phone and call in sick due to alcohol-related illnesses. In the UK, the Institute of Alcohol Studies found that such disruptions are costing employers £1.7bn (US$2.27bn) in productivity annually.

Most experts even agreed that despite the costs, it might be better to allow employees to recover from hangovers instead of making them come to work feeling sluggish and unable to concentrate, making them more prone for even costlier mistakes.

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Other 'fantasy' job perks

The survey also found that aside from a "Hangover leave," employees also want their employers to offer the following perks:

  1. Hangover leave (23%)
  2. Free sleep hygiene analysis and a paid subscription to a sleep app (21%)
  3. Breakup leave (17%)
  4. Free sessions with a Buddhist monk to meditate and/or practice mindfulness (14%)
  5. Paid hair colouring/tinting/dying (for those over 30) (13%)
  6. Social media detox days (12%0
  7. Compassionate leave for heartsick sports fans if their team loses (9%)
  8. Doom-scrolling detox days (9%)
  9. Premium subscription to a dating app of your choice (6%)
  10. Houseplant bereavement leave (5%)

Such requests for "fantasy" perks come as more employees are touted to be on the "driver's seat" amid a tight labour market.

But for Gotchy, pay equity remains the best approach to attracting talent.

"If you want to win the war for talent, pay equity may be your best weapon – even better than houseplant bereavement leave."

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