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How to manage constant organisational change

How to manage constant organisational change

The annual National HR Summit will cover how to deal with change-resistant employees or those suffering from ‘change fatigue’

Women in tech: The sexist culture blocking their progression

Despite topping countless ‘Best Employer’ lists, many organisations in the tech industry still foster a sexist culture.

Rose Clements: Spotlight on an Australian HR Award winner

Rose Clements from Microsoft took home the prestigious HR Director of the Year title at last year’s Australian HR Awards. We caught up with Rose to find out why she thinks getting a seat at the table is no longer relevant.

The power of a deconstructed office

Progressive organisations are beginning to treat the workspace as an active tool rather than a passive backdrop, according to a workplace research psychologist.

Closing the Indigenous employment gap in corporate Australia

Organisations need to be more proactive in taking into account the perspectives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, according to a new report by a peak diversity body.