Top 15 emerging jobs for 2020 revealed

LinkedIn has found the top emerging jobs that have seen tremendous growth in Australia

Top 15 emerging jobs for 2020 revealed

Emerging jobs show how industries are evolving and adopting new technologies, according Adam Gregory, Senior Director, APAC Talent Solutions at LinkedIn.

We are seeing that technology is driving demand for a plethora of new jobs, not just hard-skilled jobs such as Site Reliability Engineers but also soft-skill based roles such as Customer Success Specialists, added Gregory.

The idea of a ‘tech job’ automatically equating to a ‘hard skill job’ is one that needs to be put to bed. Companies need to hire and upskill their talent with both hard and soft skills as the roles are constantly evolving”, he added.

Gregory’s comments come as LinkedIn has revealed the Top 15 Emerging Jobs in Australia for 2020, the skills needed for these roles, as well as broader trends around the jobs market.

By analysing millions of unique, user-input job titles from the last five years, LinkedIn has found the top emerging jobs that have seen tremendous growth in Australia.

These roles are often indicative of larger industry trends or represent societal shifts that are increasing demand for these roles.

In 2019, Artificial Intelligence Specialist, Cybersecurity Specialist and Marketing Automation Specialist have emerged as the top three positions for 2020.

Whilst, tech-led roles are clearly leading the way, there has also been rise in non-tech roles such as Growth Manager, Chief Strategy Officer and Anti-money laundering specialist in this year’s list.

AI has arrived
The arrival of AI as a key skill was the standout shift from this year’s list, with all of Australia’s top five emerging jobs featuring automation or artificial intelligence (AI) skills.

Emerging jobs like AI specialist, marketing automation specialist, robotic engineer and automation consultant speak to how pervasive this trend is. AI is spreading to all organisational areas, from IT to finance to marketing. AI may not be deeply integrated into all yet, but the trajectory is becoming clear.

Strategic roles on the rise
“How can we build our business?” is a key question that companies are asking today, and LinkedIn is seeing the rise of jobs that helps businesses answer this question.

The emergence of roles such as Chief Strategy Officer or Growth Manager highlights the importance of analysing market trends and developing strategies that deliver growth across the business.

Customer-centric jobs in demand
Brands and businesses can now be in touch with their customers across multiple channels. However, this also means customers expect quick resolutions to problems and ready answers to their questions.

The rise of emerging jobs like site reliability engineers, service designer and customer success manager all reflect the different ways companies are making sure the customers are coming first.

According to LinkedIn, the top 15 Emerging Jobs in Australia for 2020 are:

  1. Artificial Intelligence Specialist
  2. Cybersecurity Specialist
  3. Marketing Automation Specialist
  4. Robotics Engineer (Software)
  5. Site Reliability Engineer
  6. Customer Success Specialist
  7. Data Scientist
  8. Data Engineer
  9. Growth Manager
  10. Chief Strategy Officer
  11. Anti-money Laundering Specialist
  12. Product Owner
  13. Service Designer
  14. Full Stack Engineer
  15. Automation Consultant

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