This embarrassing email gaffe holds a shocking HR lesson

A boss has been forced to apologize after labelling a bride-to-be a 'cow'

This embarrassing email gaffe holds a shocking HR lesson

A boss has been forced to apologize after labelling a bride-to-be a ‘cow’ in an embarrassing email gaffe sent by a member of staff. 

Jade Sharp had booked a tour of the Mulberry Tree in Kent, to see if it was a fit for their wedding venue. However, after some miscommunication, Sharp was told that the restaurant was closed to the public – and given a disappointing walk-around. 

Sharp then sent an email to the manager, to express her disappointment at the being let down for a professional tour. 

“Then a few hours later received an email that obviously was not meant for me,” Sharp wrote on TripAdvisor. “It was in fact an email from the lady we saw, the manager of the day, to her mum, the manager, about me and our visit.”

The email reportedly called the bride-to-be a ‘cow’, adding that she’d ‘p****d’ off the employee. 

In response, the embarrassed owner of the restaurant Karen Williams wrote that she was ‘mortified’ by the email scandal. Writing on TripAdvisor, she said: “I am absolutely mortified, horrified and completely embarrassed that you had sight of such an email. It is completely unprofessional and indefensible.

“I did telephone you as soon as I found out what had happened to offer my profuse and sincere apologies and did apologize repeatedly to you.

“You were adamant that you did not want to get married at The Mulberry Tree, completely understandably so after the email you were sent so I did not wish to insult you by attempting to make amends after such a catastrophic mistake on our part, especially when it is your wedding day involved. 

Once again, I offer my sincerest apologies to you.”

The incident is a harsh reminder of how large a part of your company’s brand is managed and represented by your employees. Understanding the importance of maintaining a clean company image is even more paramount now, in the fast-paced and switched on technology. 


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