Strategic decision-making using big, deep data

We talk to Vaishali Vijay about embracing data analytics and making data storytelling a part of everyday life

Strategic decision-making using big, deep data
professionals face a huge challenge in dealing with data, its size, quality and, more importantly, the hidden story and patterns it has to offer, according to Vaishali Vijay, director, Insights & data, at Capgemini.

“Despite the plethora of tools at their disposal, HR professionals still rely heavily on seeing data presented in a tabular format,” said Vijay.

“Finding real insights quickly from the data and presenting it in a simplified storytelling format for the executives has become extremely crucial in this competitive market.”

Vijay is talking at the upcoming HR Tech Summit in Sydney about strategic decision-making using big, deep data.

If she could give one piece of advice to HR professionals relating big data, what would it be?

“My advice would be to embrace data analytics and make data storytelling a part of everyday life,” she said.

“Data visualisation enormously simplifies the strategic decision making process from complex, big, deep data to finding real quick insights through data storytelling.

“HR professionals can immensely benefit using new analytical and technological approaches, through modern and attractive interfaces using data visualization, KPI restitution, intelligent search engine etc.”

At the HR Tech Summit, Vijay will also discuss:

•    Forecasting, predicting and building strong workforce management models
•    Analysing trends such as turnover by department, month, age and gender using analytics
•    Data metrics – Using the technology not to simply store information but to break down and improve business practice and procedures
•    What do the demographics really tell us when we don’t have a good handle on individual behaviour?
•    Separating data that doesn’t tell a story, or not the whole story

Vaishali Vijay will be discussing strategic decision-making using big, deep data at the HR Tech Summit being held at the Hilton Sydney on 13 September. Click here for more details and to register.

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