Finder offers Bitcoin incentive for vaccinated Australians

The company is giving away up to $100-million worth of Bitcoin

Finder offers Bitcoin incentive for vaccinated Australians

Australian users of financial management application Finder will be guaranteed $5 to spend on Bitcoin as soon as they get COVID-19 jabs. Finder founder Fred Schebesta said the give-away is a "reward" for getting the COVID-19 vaccines.

"Vaccination is out path out of lockdowns so we want to do everything we can to support Australians to roll up their sleeves and get back to normal," Schebesta said in a statement. "We want to reward you for getting the COVID vaccine and what better way than to give away some Bitcoin," he added.

Finder has prepared up to $100-million worth of Bitcoin for the 20 million eligible adults who can get the jabs.  To claim the rewards, Australians would need to download the Finder app, register their interest in the $5 credit, and confirm their vaccination. The credit can be claimed through the Finder Wallet.

The credit can be traded for Bitcoin, which has seen a nearly 300% increase in value since last year.

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More than 307,000 Australians have downloaded the Finder app, with a recent survey among 1,0004 users revealing that 25% either own or plan to own cryptocurrency by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, another 10% from the survey said they are interested in purchasing cryptocurrency but have not gotten around to it yet.

Schebesta said the pandemic has renewed people's interests in investment, with more people "turning to crypto as it becomes more widely used and accessible."

Finder is a free-to-download application that allows users to compare financial products, track their spending, check credit score, and buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Schebesta said the app makes buying Bitcoin easy without dealing with crypto wallet addresses, private keys, blockchains, and more.

"Instead, we handle all of that for you and make it as simple as a swipe to buy or sell," the founder said.

Finder adds to the growing list of companies offering incentives to individuals who received their COVID-19 jabs. Similar initiatives are also coming out to encourage more people to get vaccinated.

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