HRD Roundtable: Building a better workplace culture

How can you bring a better workplace culture to your office?

HRD Roundtable: Building a better workplace culture

What is HR’s role in enhancing the office environment?

A positive work culture can breed better staff satisfaction, better employee retention and – perhaps most importantly – better overall business results.

But that doesn’t mean creating that culture is necessarily an easy process. As an HR professional, you need to be aware of how that process can play out in the workplace, and know what steps to take when necessary.

Now you’ve got the opportunity to learn from some of the best. In this exclusive Achievers Roundtable coverage, you’ll discover:

  • Expert insights from some of the leading thinkers in HR
  • Why workplace culture goes beyond the boss’ ideas
  • The difference between workplace culture and a mission statement
  • Common workplace culture challenges
  • Obstacles to reforming workplace culture – and how they can be navigated

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