Exclusive Feature: The untapped power of data

Frontier Software's Eugene Harvey on the ways workforce analytics can transform your business

Exclusive Feature: The untapped power of data

Imagine a business tool that could boost profits, increase employee satisfaction, retain and engage staff, improve health and safety, and meet your diversity and inclusion goals. Well, it exists. Workforce analytics can do all of this and more, says Frontier Software’s Eugene Harvey, who is on a mission to drive home to companies what a significant difference data analytics can make – not least to their bottom line. In this exclusive feature he looks at:

  • The ways in which workforce analytics is superior to HR analytics
  • Why companies have been slow to deploy workforce analytics, despite the obvious benefits
  • How organisations can best deploy workforce analytics – and the role of HR in identifying meaningful metrics
  • Case studies highlighting the power of workforce analytics to revitalise profits, improve health and safety, and target the right talent
  • Why transparency in the data is key to driving change

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