Exclusive Feature: 5 common workers comp errors

How your business can avoid these mistakes

Exclusive Feature: 5 common workers comp errors

With workers compensation claims for both physical and mental injuries likely to climb in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses need to be prepared to handle claims properly as they arise. The effects of managing a claim the wrong way can extend far beyond simple finances – it sets a precedent for future claims, and if it’s done poorly it can damage the company culture and the morale of other employees.

So what can businesses do to handle a claim as effectively as possible? Joe Murphy of Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors shares his thoughts on the 5 most common errors that businesses make when handling workers compensation claims – and importantly, how they can be avoided.

In this exclusive feature, you’ll discover:

  • How psychological injuries can be misjudged
  • Why sometimes it’s best to leave the investigation to the insurer’s agent – and why sometimes you need to take control
  • Why it’s critical to get workers compensation right in your state
  • How suspicion about the validity of a claim can cause workplace issues

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