The secret to transforming performance management is learning

The secret to transforming performance management is learning
When it comes to measuring success, modern technology has proved that infrequent reviews are not only insufficient but unreliable. When it comes to growth, employees are now just as concerned about growing their skill sets as growing their annual salary. And last but not least, opportunity at a company is no longer defined by the ability to climb the traditional career ladder. So how do employers “revolutionize” performance? In short, it’s about learning. Studies show that70 percent of companies that invest in an ongoing performance management—with continuous feedback—see an increase in revenue and 72 percent see a decrease in turnover.
This guidebook will cover discussions around:
1. The three ways to reinvent performance reviews
2. A culture of feedback requires a culture of failure
3. Modern learning moves employees up, down and across
4. How collaborative learning will revolutionize L&D
5. Why mobile learning makes L&D faster, stronger, better

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