The age of disruption: Deep skills employees need

The age of disruption: Deep skills employees need

Advances in automation and technology have brought about what many call industry 4.0 where smart factories experience increases in productivity with fewer people. In this age of disruption there’s a growing mismatch between the skills needed and the labour supply.

How can businesses, human resources leaders and employees  stay relevant? The key lies in developing fundamental thinking skills that are timeless, scalable, adaptable, and universally applicable. The faster the rate of change in the inputs, the more we need a consistent process to gather, sort, organize and analyse change.

This whitepaper explores the skills that employees need to meet the challenges of disruption:

  • Critical Thinking (Analytical Thinking): Enhance information, knowledge and experience to navigate through new situations.  
  • Design Thinking (Divergent Thinking): Achieve ground-breaking innovation through creative problem solving.
  • Systems Thinking (Holistic Thinking): Shape the future at the systemic level to leverage control rather than simply react.

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