Rethinking role of the Human Resource Manager/CHRO

Rethinking role of the Human Resource Manager/CHRO
HR has long taken a backseat within the company structure with many CEOs deeming it a function with lesser priority. However, with the growing importance for companies to attract and retain best talents in the market, it has becoming increasingly crucial for companies to assist CHROs in pushing HR beyond admin tasks to manage the workforce in a more comprehensive manner. Yet, many companies still find it difficult to adjust to this new-found focus on CHROs. This whitepaper written by thought leaders for Harvard Business Review will discuss why this is so and how companies look to rectify this issue.
Issues covered in this White Paper:
  • Three Key Activities most CHROs are not engaging in the workplace.
  • How to re-focus the role of CHROs in the company.
  • How CEOs,CFOs and CHROs can best work together to achieve success for the company.
  • Two small case studies of how CEOs, CFOs and CHROs can work together cross-functionally.
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