Organisational Performance: What is HR’s contribution?

Organisational Performance: What is HR’s contribution?
PageUp’s whitepaper, “Organisational Performance: How Can HR Move the Needle?” highlights what HR’s contribution could be.

Are you struggling to quantify the impact of HR on business results and tap into strategic value? You are not alone! As organisations compete for human capital, HR has enormous potential to move the needle on business results and drive competitive advantage. The risk for most organisations is that HR won’t change fast enough. To guard against this, HR leaders can springboard off new technologies and leverage proven strategies and practices from other functions.

This whitepaper explores five domains that provide opportunities for HR to move the needle on organisational performance:
  1. HR’s role: Rethinking current practices and setting a strategic HR scorecard in partnership with the CEO.
  2. Performance: Embedding continuous performance management in everyday business operations.
  3. Learning: Reinventing corporate learning to increase learner engagement and build organisational capability.
  4. Analytics: Using workforce data to solve business problems and understand the drivers of business value.
  5. Sliding doors: Exploring learnings and practices from other functions through the CEO, CFO, CIO and CMO lenses.


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