Mercer’s Singapore Employee Engagement Index

Mercer’s Singapore Employee Engagement Index
Improving employee engagement continues to represent a significant opportunity — not just for businesses but also for the economy as a whole, as we prepare for the Smart Nation vision. If performance and productivity are a combination of individual talent and engagement, the best way to optimize talent is to ensure it’s engaged. Although this seems obvious, many organizations still struggle to build the work environment they need to fully realize engagement in the workplace. Learn more about what companies can do to engage their workforce in Singapore.
1.    Only 72% of Singaporeans are satisfied with the companies they work for compared to 82% of their counterparts in Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.  
2.    76% of employees in APAC would advocate for their companies as good places to work, while only 66% of employees are willing to do so in Singapore.
3.    Only 70% feel they have enough opportunity to continually learn and grow despite the growing investment in L&D at most organizations in Singapore today.
4.    Many employees despite this, say they feel appropriately involved in decisions that impact their work and, on the whole, are proud to work for their company. 
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