Free Whitepaper: Talent Acquisition in APAC

Free Whitepaper: Talent Acquisition in APAC

The last two years have reaffirmed a recurring narrative: agility is a major workforce management priority. A nimble talent acquisition function drives greater value to the organisation – from how they utilise data and improve access to talent to how they enable digital transformation and deliver a great candidate experience. 

Allegis Global Solutions’ report “The Shape of Talent Acquisition Across Europe 2021” uncovered many trends that translate to what we see in the Asia-Pacific region today. Priorities include a need for data-driven intelligence, an appetite for transformation and the desire to foster active, diverse talent communities. These issues shape how TA seeks to engage workers and provide value to the organisation they serve. 

In this whitepaper, discover perspectives on the European survey with a focus on the top five TA priorities in the APAC region. 

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  • Transforming the talent acquisition function 
  • Adopting flexible work arrangements 
  • Connecting data to positive business outcomes
  • Understanding technology and digital demands
  • Fostering greater connection through talent communities 

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