Free Whitepaper: D&I in recognition

Free Whitepaper: D&I in recognition

When employees see their workplace as a welcoming and safe environment, they are more engaged and productive. An inclusive environment empowers employees and translates to success for the business.

Companies today still have a long way to go to achieve the best diversity and inclusion practices. Where can they start? 

The latest report from the Achievers Workforce Institute finds that organisations that align their D&I efforts with recognition strategies greatly benefit both programs. Download the report to learn how to successfully integrate diversity and inclusion goals into these recognition programs. Increase inclusion and belonging, drive business results, and reimagine what your programs can do with solid D&I strategies.   

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  • The relationship between recognition and diversity and inclusion 
  • Why it’s crucial for employers to incorporate D&I into their recognition programs
  • How D&I integration leads to better workplace outcomes

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