Five trends to inspire your employees in 2018

Five trends to inspire your employees in 2018
Engaging & inspiring your employees does not mean doing one thing well. If you want to up your game, you’ve got to think holistically. This year’s engagement trends from BI Worldwide focus largely on “right fit” employees: how to attract, inspire, retain and keep them happy. An Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is still crucial to building a strong workforce but recognition technologies are the new standard to deliver cutting edge analytics.
Here are the 5 employee engagement trends from BI worldwide for 2018 and beyond: 
  1. Make Numbers Count: Utilize audience smart technologies to take the burden off managers by tracking individual employee milestones & ensuring individual employee accomplishments are recognized in a consistent & meaningful manner
  2. Create an EVP to attract right fit employees: Build your EVP to reflect your company values and then activate it throughout the employee lifecyle
  3. Create advocates: Transform your employees into brand champions
  4. Mind the Middle: Train your managers on the behaviors that really matter, measure compliance and reward for positive outcomes
  5. Start before they start: Create a strong employee onboarding processstay a
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