Engage Relevant Referrals through Your Employees

Engage Relevant Referrals through Your Employees

An employee referral HR tool, SocialReferral leverages on your employees’ pool of social networks and communication applications to match suitable candidates to job openings. In this process, it is revolutionising how traditional recruitment is viewed by making employee referrals fun, interactive and effective.

The algorithm automatically suggests smart job matches for employees to refer based on their social networks, department and location. By doing so, SocialReferral removes barrier to employee engagement and concentrates the talent pool by sieving out quality referrals.

Key Features of SocialReferral:

  • HR Research conducted on employee referrals show that it has the highest retention rate of all hires, strongest application-to-hire ratio, and they perform 3% to 5% better when compared to other hires.
  • A growing number of companies (32% in 2016, up 7% from 25% in 2015) are using social media platforms as a recruitment tool. 69% of employees agree social recruiting has enabled them to reach a wider pool of candidates and reduced overall hiring cost.
  • Connected with widely used social platforms - LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and WhatsApp.
  • In-depth analytics to actively track referring employees, job openings, job invites sent, shares on social media, applications, clicks and successful hires
  • An incentive system put in place for employees to gamify the overall experience and encourage participation.





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