Analyse This! HR, Talent Management and Big Data

Analyse This! HR, Talent Management and Big Data
While data can often seem overwhelming, when used optimally it presents an opportunity for HR to play an integral role in corporate strategies.

Gartner predicts a great increase in the uptake of talent management systems, yet adoption of the analytics component lags. While 75% of companies believe analytics is important, only 8% believe they’re using it effectively. In an age where big data is transforming other departments, it is overwhelming HR.

This whitepaper explores the status of unified talent management analytics within organisations, and how the adoption of analytics can transform HR into a strategic powerhouse. Topics delved into more deeply, include:
  1. Unified Talent Management and big data – How integrating talent management and business data helps organisations to predict, influence and drive productivity.
  2. Why is HR slow to adopt analytics? What are the 4 key gating factors?
  3. What does the future look like? As the volume of data increases, HR may be compelled to think differently about the skillsets it needs to remain relevant.
  4. HR bridging the gap - Three practical and actionable tips to telling the story through analytics.


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