Act like a recruiter, think like a marketer

Act like a recruiter, think like a marketer

Demonstrate how great your business really is as a workplace is a question of showing in a genuine way, not just telling people. You need to target people with messaging that’s aligned with their desires. Put simply, you need to start acting like a marketer.

  • Create and maintain an appealing and genuine employer brand
  • Adapt to what a new generation of candidates is looking for in an employer
  • Go where the talent is, and use new technology to target the right people
  • Make the most of visuals, social channels and new technology to deliver powerful brand messages
  • Treating your potential candidates with the same respect and care that marketers treat their prospects with, and enabling them to engage with you on their terms
  • Being completely transparent and building an honest employer brand that’s a true reflection of who you are, and what your business is like to work in
  • Using all of the new channels and technology available to target the right people, with the right employer brand messages and content, at the right time

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