10 questions you need to answer to become a more successful leader

10 questions you need to answer to become a more successful leader
The dynamic challenges of achieving results are unique in every leadership role. Every leader – no matter where in the world - has their own particular leadership situation to cope with. At Mercuri Urval we have found that successful leaders are set apart from others by their ability to understand their own leadership situation and identify what leadership capabilities are required to succeed in it. So, how do you decide which leadership capabilities your unique leadership situation requires?
Our Directors in Singapore, USA and Brazil have summarized their insights in an article, which will make you think as a leader and most likely help you to revisit your very own challenges.
  • Every leadership role is unique and every leader needs to work within his or her own particular leadership situation.
  • Your specific leadership situation can be analysed by its scope, distance and pace.
  • These three leadership dimensions define the capabilities required to succeed as a leader.
  • As they change all the time, constant re-assessment of your situation and leadership behaviour is vital for success.

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