Singapore firms lag in employer branding, survey reveals

The results suggest employers are at risk of lower recruitment, engagement, and retention rates

Singapore firms lag in employer branding, survey reveals
A mere three per cent of employees in Singapore strongly agree that their employers’ public persona matches what it’s actually like to work there, according to a recent survey by KRC Research and Weber Shandwick.

The figure is a far cry from the 19 per cent global “strongly agree” average across 19 economies around the world. Japan (6 per cent) and Hong Kong (6 per cent) followed Singapore.  In contrast, India had the highest rate of alignment at 33 per cent.

An employer’s reputation is at risk should it fail to close its credibility gap. This is particularly important in an age of “extreme transparency” where job candidates make easily reputational assessments based on what an organisation’s employees say online or through word of mouth, said the report. “Closing the gap provides an opportunity for employers to more successfully drive recruitment, engagement, and retention.”

Despite the less than ideal results, data also found that room for improvement is wide open. Just 7 per cent of employees around the world strongly disagree that there is any match.

The largest segment – 74 per cent – falls in between. “These are ‘marginally aligned’ employees because their employers have the opportunity to narrow the perception-and-experience gap by creating an employer brand that employees recognize, believe and promote,” said the report.

It suggested three actions firms can do to help build their employers brands:
  1. Lead with purpose and values, both internally and externally
  2. Establish values through strong an values-based leadership
  3. Ensure employees know the organization’s values
“In this age of mega-transparency and instantaneous online reviews, employers are now accountable to who they say they are, how they treat people and live their values, and how they make a difference,” said Leslie Gaines-Ross, chief reputation strategist of  Weber Shandwick. “Employees are more than reputation spectators, they are shaping employer brands for better or for worse every day.”

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