2 in 3 Singaporeans suffering from burnout: survey

Overwhelming workload fuelling burnout among Singaporeans

2 in 3 Singaporeans suffering from burnout: survey

Two in three employees in Singapore are suffering from burnout, with a majority citing their overwhelming workload as the reason, according to a new report.

The latest TELUS Health Mental Index found that 13% of Singapore-based employees feel "extremely" burnt out, while 54% feel "somewhat" burnt out.

More than a quarter attributed the burnout to "too much work to do within work hours," according to the report, which surveyed a thousand respondents.

Other participants also attributed their burnout to too many personal demands (16%) and the lack of recognition for the work that they do (13%).

Source: TELUS Mental Health Index

Lack of motivation, extreme exhaustion

In addition, the report also found that nearly half of the respondents find it increasingly difficult to be motivated to do their work (42%) and feel mentally and/or physically exhausted after the end of their shift (47%).                                                          

The top reason for employees' difficulty in being motivated is not feeling valued (26%), according to the report. Others cited their personal issues, changes at work, as well as "boring" work.

Source: TELUS Mental Health Index

Are employers offering EAP?

Amid these challenges, the report further found that workers are unaware if their employers are offering Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP).

A quarter of employees said they were unsure if their employer offered an EAP, while 52% are certain that their organisations do not offer it.

Haider Amir, Director, Asia at TELUS Health, said their findings indicate a "pressing need" for employers to prioritise mental health support.

"As we continue to navigate the rapidly changing work environment, it is crucial that we take proactive steps to ensure that our workforce is equipped with the skills and support they need to thrive and do what they do best," Amir said in a statement.

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