Opinion: 4 HR tech platforms you should trial

Adrian Tan, experienced expert and writer on HR technology, outlines four must-have platforms that are helping HR become more strategic

Opinion: 4 HR tech platforms you should trial

Adrian Tan, experienced expert and writer on HR technology, outlines four must-have platforms that are helping HR become more strategic

In doing up my version update to Singapore HR Market Map, the results were telling.

The number of HR Techs grew to more than 100 (compared to my previous list of 71), and there is a huge concentration of them in the employee engagement space.

A new category of analytics-focussed HR Techs also emerged to provide much needed data for companies to make prompt decisions.

The common denominator is to help nudge HR into the becoming more strategic.

Here are four of them that I believe will have the biggest impact.


Many companies make quick judgments about resumes, often overlooking candidates who might not have the “ideal” credentials. Furthermore, intangibles like processing consistency and risk-taking propensity, which in fact outweigh past achievements in most cases, simply cannot be assessed through a CV.

In today’s data-driven world, relying on a non-insightful, self-reported document just won’t cut it.

pymetrics wants to change this. Through validated neuroscience-based games and AI, a candidate’s cognitive and behavioural fit to a company’s top performers can be assessed. This allows an organisation to identify good fit candidates from the get-go, in a data-driven and bias-free way.


Painstakingly developed by leading data scientist Dr. Jussi Keppo and Nina Alag Suri, an entrepreneur with over 20 years HR domain experience, X0PA uses the strength of their predictions and 'call for action' recommendations.

Users receive cutting-edge, evidence-based workforce insights and predictions - without any time-consuming self-assessments required by employees. In addition, the platform provides recommended actions to combat such issues.

The accompanying RoboRecruiter (RoboRoy) also employs machine-learning technology and workforce analytics to fully automate the recruitment process and so massively reduce the time and cost expended by companies to source and recruit candidates.


Since time immemorial, HR departments have been labouring hard to become more strategic in what they do. Hampered by the lack of data and tonnes of mundane administration, it is akin to fighting two separate fires and doing a proposal at the same time.

Su-Ette was created (by HR for HR) to take care of one of those fire. Leveraging on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and NLP (Natural Language Processing) to bring across the best virtual HR assistant designed and developed to meet the needs of business, their enterprise-grade chatbot help to manage the daily enquiries from employment policies to setting up a private conversation with HR.

With the ever-increasing demand for better efficiency and productivity, HR can have more free time to move forward strategically and become leaner at the same time.


Most employers find personality equally important as skills in their employees. Personality can determine attitudes, feelings and behaviours in the workplace, such as grit, creativity, leadership and teamwork, which are what employers really look for in great employees. Also, employees’ personality collectively help define organisational culture.

However, employers find it very challenging to evaluate people holistically. Not much about personality can be gleaned from CVs; interviews and assessments require much resources; skills and personality are traditionally evaluated separately; and employers do not have data to back which skills and personality traits better lead to success for each role at their organisations.

Trusted by Nestlé, T-Systems and Schindler, Pulsifi’s analytics platform provides actionable insights into people at a speed and cost that is unimaginable through traditional approaches. With machine learning and predictive models that incorporate skills, experience, personality, interests and values, they understand the “ingredients” that contribute to your employees’ success as individuals and teams, then help you identify candidates and guide employee development to achieve stronger role fit, team fit and organisation fit.

Human resources is, and always will be, the most important asset to any businesses. But managing a resource with their own opinions and thoughts is always difficult compared to a machine or a computer.

These HR Techs aim to help make the management part easier and more objective. So businesses can just focus on what they do best: their business.


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