Singapore is officially the most 'fatigued' country

Employees worked an average of 2,238 hours each last year

Singapore is officially the most 'fatigued' country

Singapore came out on top as the most fatigued nation in the world, revealed in research by manufacturer Sleepseeker. According to the data, Singapore has a fatigue score of 7.20, followed closely by Mexico with 7.01, and Brazil with 6.28. Other nations included in the top 10 are the United States (5.57), Japan, (5.32), United Kingdom (4.82), New Zealand (4.74), Australia (4.72), China (4.59), and then Canada (4.39).

Sleepseeker said the list is based on several factors, such as the number of hours worked per year and average screen time per day.

"The most fatigued country is Singapore, with a fatigue score of 7.20. This small island nation in Southeast Asia is a bustling tech hub that has experienced rapid and widespread urbanisation. The busy lives of Singaporeans reflect this, leading to high levels of fatigue," read the research.

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Singapore also placed second in the countries with the highest average of annual working hours – at 2,238. Mexico landed on top, only a few hours above Singapore with 2,255. China was third with 2,174.  According to Sleepseeker, the huge amount of time Singaporeans dedicate to their work will eventually take its toll and lead to feelings of fatigue.

Meanwhile, staring at screens for an extended period of time can also affect a person’s sleep. Sleepseeker said the harmful blue light screens emit can make it difficult for people to enter deep restorative sleep. Singaporens had an average of seven hours and two minutes of internet time every day, placing third on Sleepseeker's list.

"By limiting the amount of time spent on the internet or looking at screens, Singaporeans would be able to get much better quality sleep and reduce their feelings of fatigue," said the research.

Brazil placed first with its citizens averaging nine hours and 29 minutes on the internet every day, followed by Mexico which had an average of eight hours and one minute per day. Sleep is essential for any hard-working employee – impacting both mental and physical health. Adults are recommended to get seven to nine hours per day, according to the National Sleep Federation, so they can feel less fatigued and finish daily tasks.

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